Financially Free, in Just 16 Weeks?

It's possible with INSPIRED action and the wealth of knowledge and tools you will experience in Freedom + Flow. In 4 months we will journey together to...

  • Calm the overwhelm of life's obligations to create a system that works for YOU (amidst the chaos) to actually SAVE TIME! 
  • Create boundaries that support your deepest desires without feeling GUILT or sacrifice, and say YES to yourself to support your clients from a place of infinite abundance. 
  • Channel in divine guidance and accept the gifts that lie within your Soul and surround you everyday (yet you're too involved to notice!) 
  • Learn how to stay grounded and ride the waves of the entrepreneurial ocean without getting swept in by the tides! 
  • Surrender the monkey mind to infuse LOVE into all areas of your life and experience liberation of the tricks of the mind to TRULY SPEAK YOUR SOUL'S LANGUAGE and attract your divinely inspired clients in a way that FEELS REAL
  • Learn the tech tools (YES, you can!) to create and setup systematic FLOW in your business so you don't always have to be operating at a high vibe to be attracting abundance! Take a breather and learn how to make your biz work for you, even when you're not quite FEELING it that day! 

What does Freedom + Flow include?

Great question! Let me clarify....

  • 4 Monthly Focus Sessions to help you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on next steps and strategies with a focused plan to help you bring inspiration to LIFE. No more wishing, my dear! It's time to start SEEING your dreams with your gorgeous website, freebie + paid offers to help build a community of CONNECTED souls, and maybe even courses you wish to BIRTH! 
  • 4 Monthly Soul Sessions to soak in the tools as you work through the modules and get direct feedback from myself and others in your collective experience.
  • A private course site updated weekly which includes a FOCUS worksheet to bring the learning to LIFE, streaming video content, checklists, biz rituals, and all the juicy resourcs you need to attract ABUNDANCE in your life and biz in a way that FEELS right for you.  
  • Private Freedom + Flow Community to connect with your fellow F+F sisters, as well as myself in a private online space for support, feedback, a hug, or help WHENEVER you need it along the way! 

Freedom + Flow will spark in just...


Still not sure? Hear What My Soul Tribe Has to Say....

“I can't say enough positive things about Jessica. She is inspiring and engaging in ways I can only hope to aspire to. She has only my best interests at heart, and has given all of herself to me and my growth. Because of Jessica, I am well on my way to the business and life of my wildest dreams!!!  

My best advice to you is to take the step today and engage in this journey with Jessica. You will NOT regret this decision to invest in yourself!.”

DeDe Robbins, Founder of Ignite Your Inner Power 

“If someone feels drawn to it, if they really want to make changes; they'll find a way to do it. They'll push past the hesitation and they'll be better for it. I had a trauma during childhood, so going back to that time, peeling back the layers of all that, helped me in a ton of ways.  

It not only helped me get back to my writing, but it also helped me notice some patterns that I didn't make the connection to before.  

 I feel weights being lifted week after week. I feel like my perspective and vision of my life has shifted in the most positive of ways! And because of noticing these patterns, and getting back to my interests from then... it's given me freedom." 

Stephanie Hull, Student in the Live Your Vibrant Life community 

“Your work has helped me already in finding more clarity in my life, more balance and getting me closer to living my intended vibrant life. Your courses are amazing, and I have had a few big a-ha moments and certainly learned some new tools to help manage stress and some great self-care tips.  

I have started to look at my experience here on earth from a different view point, as well as the way I react to negative emotions that stir in me, how I talk internally to myself and how I reflect on past events/encounters.  

I am a spiritual person and I love that this is always a part of your course. Anyone who is serious about finding their way back to who they truly are, beyond what you have been told to be, or made to feel like you are should commit to your courses! 

Amy McClain, Founder of the Learning Spoon + Student in the Live Your Vibrant Life community 

“Working with Jessica was inspiring, but the best part of our journey was that I got something I didn't even know I was looking for. She doesn't just focus on what you want, but on balancing all areas of your life to achieve your truest potential.  

One exersise helped me to let go of something I've held onto for 10 years of my life! I even got a divine sign after completing it! It still sends chills through me, for the first time in my life I was able to let go and move on from a toxic relationship.  

I wanted to work on building my business, but our sessions brought me closer to being level 10 in all areas of my life.  

Business is growing, I'm growing, and my relationships are growing! Start the journey and see where it takes you! You will find something beyond your wildest imagination!

Stevie Deal, Founder of Rebel Nutrition + Student in the Live Your Vibrant Life community 

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